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I'm not dead yet!

Really, I'm not!

Man, considering I want to get back into writing, I should really start using this thing more often. Like more than once every couple of months. :P

I should tell some stories from the past few months when I get the time. But for those of you still reading, I WILL be going to Tufts in the fall (on full tuition remission!) and I'm currently directing a One Act for Be True's second production. Good times.

More updates to come . . . hopefully.
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Yesterday I received an e-mail from the head of the drama department at Tufts saying that they approved my application to their program and it just needed to be approved by the dean.


Now I just need to wait for Emerson (I honestly don't care that much about BU, 'twas my safety), and once I know what they will offer me interms of money, I shall choose where to go.

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I SURRENDER!!! *posts*

Oh . . . hello.

Yes, if this is on your friendslist, you may not remember me. That is because, as the LJ homepage has so helpfully reminded me, I have not posted a new entry in nineteen weeks.


I didn't intend to stop posting for so long. Basically one week I didn't feel like I had anything worth posting, and even though much has happened to me in the last few months I never thought it was worth posting about, despite the number of weeks annoyingly growing larger on the front page. BUT NOW I SHALL END THIS LUNACY!!!

So, I have taken my life in a drastic new direction in the last few months. As to the immediate job front, I actually managed to score a couple of interviews that ended up going nowhere. I did, however, go to one final staffing agency, and I made a good choice of it. I'm now with Professional Staffing Group in Boston, one of the few places that actually is giving people some work. At the start of January, they scored me a temp job (but a long assignment for a temp job!) at Bunker Hill Community College in the financial aid office. So I've worked there for three and a half weeks and this should last me until late March. The job can be awfully tiring sometimes, but it feels good to be making some money, doing something productive and helping people go to college who otherwise wouldn't have been able to.

However, once this temp position ends, I'm going to tell my PGS contact that he can just send me temp or part-time positions, no more full-time. Why? Because if all goes according to plan, I'll be in grad school starting in September.

Yep, last week I finished applying to BU, Emerson and Tufts. I realized that my current plan of "Get a job to save money to pay for grad school so that I can get the actual career that I want as a theatre professor" was not working out well in the current economy. As an undergrad, my professors had encouraged me to go to grad school right away. When I voiced my concerns about money, they told me that with my academic record I would no doubt be awarded some significant merit-based aid in the form of assistantships and grants. At the time, I didn't really believe that I would be so lucky, or that I was really good enough to earn those things. But not being able to get work for a while changed my perspective on that. I DO have some impressive credentials. I graduated from St. As with amazing honors. And to do what I really want in life, I need a Masters and a Doctorate. So I decided to go for it. I took the GREs, got recommendations from my favorite professors, researched schools in the area with graduate programs in theatre, filled out applications, wrote essays and mailed them everything they requested. And now, I am waiting to hear if I have been accepted, and what, if anything, they are offering me. Dear God, please let me get into AT LEAST one of these schools. If my deepest wish came true, then I would be accepted into Emerson with a two-year assistantship, earn my MA in Theatre Education there, and then go to Tufts for my Doctorate in Drama, but I will take whatever is coming to me.

So yeah, big things going on. In miscellaneous notes on my life, I've discovered the joy of reading for pleasure once more, and even better, I remembered that "Oh yeah, you can get books for free from the library!" So the last fews weeks I've been reading a bunch of great books, including "Creating a Role" by Stanislavski to get a head-start on my graduate-level theatre studies. I've also had a good theatrical season so far that promises to continue. For one thing, I am myself currently involved in a project that will go public in a weeks or so, so expect more updates on that later. As to my theatre-going, in the fall theatreKAPOW put on an excellent performance of the works of Edgar Allen Poe, and the Abbey Players' hippie-tastic 60's-set "As You Like It" was everything I could've wanted out of a Shakespeare comedy. Next weekend bring the annual One Acts, two weekends after that I go to Tufts for "Hedda Gabler" (a favorite of mine), the end of March brings the Abbey Players' spring musical which is "Gypsy" this year, and finally in April, as a birthday gift from mom, I shall see "Into the Woods" at the Majestic Theatre, as put on by Emerson College. :)

And finally, as for tonight, I've got an invite to a BITCHIN' PARTY. I am not usually a party person, but I am very excited for this one because 1. It's my beloved Jane's 21st birthday, so it must be celebrated, 2. I will see many underclass friends that I haven't spent time with in a while and 3. IT'S A LADY GAGA-THEMED PARTY. As far as I'm concerned, the drinking isn't even the main event here. IT'S LADY FUCKING GAGA, BITCHES.

I hope that none will mind this long, not lj-cut post, as it is theoretically making up for a long nineteen weeks on no posts. :P
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Random post of annoyance


I did what my mother asked me. I looked up health plans, told her abou them, she said we would sit down and talk about it.

Now it's weeks later . . .

Now is when she informs me that I need to sign on to a new plan before October 1st, so that I need to do x, y, and z right now. When I said that she should've told me this sooner, she claimed that I was the one who didn't "take care of it." BUT I FUCKING DID.


She seems to think that I can't do things just because I don't have a job (which I am WORKING ON but it's not exactly EASY right now). I did what she told me to. GOD.
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*Ahem* So, an explanation. After having sent in many applications to places that I have NEVER HEARD BACK FROM, on Wednesday I filled out the online form at Kaplan, a test-prep agency, to become a teacher there, i.e. part-time hours to either teach classes or tutor one-on-one to prepare high school students for exams they need to take to get into college (SAT, ACT, SAT II, you get the idea).

Then a mere hour ago I received an e-mail from them saying that they approved of my application and want me to schedule an "audition" with them. YAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

So yes, it's only part-time and probably has little in way of benefits, but dear God, it is SOMETHING. And the schedule will still allow me to look for/have full-time employment YAY.

So apparantly this "audition" means that I have to give a 5-minute "teaching presentation." If they like what they see then they'll schedule an interview with a hiring manager and if that goes well then it's off to paid training and me INFLUENCING THE MINDS OF A GENERATION YAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

So . . . I have to admit that I'm a little (okay, A LOT) worried about this "teaching presentation." As you may tell from some of the things I post about (like, I don't know, THEATRE) I have absolutely no problem getting up and talking in front of a large group of people and being confident and knowledgable (or at the very least, seeming to be that way). What concerns me is WHAT THE HELL I AM GOING TO DO. They say that it doesn't matter what topic you choose to present, it's how you handle it - basically that you can be clear, organized, interesting, and can work within the time frame. Here's the thing - I HAS PROBLEMS TIMING THINGS. And the cherry on top? The presentation must involve "engaging" with the students. Interaction. BLARRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH HOW DOES I DO THAT? Okay, so I've tutored a lot in my time, but it has always been one-on-one. And my very successful classroom experience "teaching" 18th Century Literature one day was basically me giving a lecture. So this whole "interaction" thing feels a bit beyond what I'm used to. But, it doesn't happen until Sept. 23rd. So I have plenty of time at least to, in the immortal words of Mr. Tim Gunn, MAKE IT WORK!!!
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Back to Ye Olde Memeage

Still working on that whole "employment" thing. :P

Well, have a good weekend coming up at least. I think I might mosey up to St. As on Friday for Lauren's B-Day party, especially if I can go with Fab, Aimee, and/or Nicole (I'll even be DD!). Saturday night I am VERY much looking forward to because 1. I'll get to see Mary, whom I sadly have not seen in a while and 2. I get to see a staged version of REEFER MADNESS: THE MUSICAL at Salem State College! I adore the movie so I'm very excited to see it live, and SSC has a very high-quality theatre department. I've been introduced to many a great show there (like The Cashier and Bat Boy). I hope I start making money soon because I have a lot of shows I want to see this year. True college productions and TheatreKAPOW tickets don't cost much, but Nicole said that she wants to go see the revival of "Ragtime" on Broadway, and having just gotten the cast recording myself, I SO WANT TO GO TOO no matter how insanely overpriced Broadway tickets are.

But enough talk of the moneys. IT BE MEME TIMEZ!

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I'm currently trying to keep my mind off of the fact that all of the childrens are moving back/are already moved back at St. As and are going to start another school year. *sigh*

On the brighter side, I do have something new! An old church friend of my dad's came to visit this week and I found out she writes on the side, and she and other people she knows are looking for an editor, so naturally I offered up my mad skillz. Best part of all, I'll get paid for it! Nice to have a little something while still on the job search.

Friday night I had this really disturbing dream. Normally I'd summarize it here and then go "OMG MY DREAMS, THEY IS MESSED UP" and everyone in my comments would agree. But with this one, I'd rather not. I'm kinda worried about what it could mean, but I'd rather just have people know that my subconscious is clearly trying to tell me something again without going into details. Maybe it's stupid, and I'm sure other people have dreamt much worse, but it really bothered me.

On a lighter note, with Aimee moving to NH soon for her job (LUCKY), I've been at her place as much as possible to beat Kingdom Hearts on our (co-owned) PS2. I know, late to the party, but my mom hates video games and it was only this summer that I got the idea to chip in with a friend for my first gaming system since my Super Nintendo. So I'd been having a lot of fun with it until I got to FRICKEN ANSEM-POSSESSED RIKU. So much so that I got a little . . . intense about it the other night. But mark my words, I shall be patient and eventually I will BEAT THAT LITTLE DOUCHE. Sadly enough, it will give me a sense of accomplishment.
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More adventures!

So, to briefly cover my employment issue, I'm still sending out resumes, but I have signed on to a temp/staffing agency with the hope that if I can't get permanent work for a while then at least I'll bring in some money and just maybe a temp position could actually become a full hire. And my friends are starting to get hired by places, so someone should be interested in ME soon. So, there's that.

So, in other news, had a great weekend. Pretty much spent it with a bunch of people from the usual crowd, added my mom in on Sunday, ha. On Sunday Nicole's mom had a jewelry party and invited us and our moms so I brought mom along to our festivities. A bunch of us played in the pool afterwards which was wonderful because I haven't been swimming all summer and it's one of my favorite things, but the weather has not been condusive for the beach for most of this season. So it was definately nice to get that in.

Moving backwards, on Saturday we celebrated Aimee's birthday with a trip to George's Island. It's the site of a Civil War-era fort in Boston Harbor and is supposedly haunted by a Lady in Black who tried to save her husband, a Confederate soldier held prisoner there. This explains Aimee's interest, as she loves everything ahving to do with ghosts. I enjoyed the boat ride to the island and generally exploring the fort's dark corners as if we were in some kind of young adult mystery novel, heh.

The night before on Friday, I came over to spend the night at Aimee's house because it was unlikely I'd get up so early by myself on a Saturday morning, and because Christine was coming down from Maine to stay as well. As fortune would have it, Fab wanted to make another movie, so she came over with Chad and now we have a SECOND MOVIE! HUZZAH! I have the preview of it here and it is a "horror" film this time. More people, more props, more locations, and more AWESOME!

Finally, I'm thinking about some of the things I've learned in adjusting to life after graduating college, and I think I'd like to do something with that. Maybe go back to St. As for some kind of program to share my wisdom? Or a book? But it'd probably get classified as "self-help" which I generally dislike, but whatever. I'd like to tell people what life will really be like after graduating and if I can get a bit of money out of it too then all the better. Maybe I'll start writing something and set it aside until I know what to do with it. That's something.
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Only three things for today

1. I feel like a big idiot for thinking that my friend's birthday thing was going to be Sunday but now that I've checked it's actually on Saturday.

2. I went on my friendlist just now and the ad YELLED AT ME! I have ads on my LJ because I have a sponsered account because 1. I'm certainly not schelling out money to use LJ when I have stuff like MY CAR to pay for and 2. Unlike some people, I find the ads very easy to ignore. It's never been a problem and they've certainly never had audio before. I really hope this is not a growing trend for the ads on here.


If you like it, please subscribe to my friend Fab's videos. She makes really good ones!
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One Preview and One Review!

First and foremost, you may remember my story about making a movie with my friends last weekend. Fab is at work on preparing the movie for its WORLD INTERENT PREMIERE!!!! She has the footage editing together, now she just has to add the music/sound. She does have a preview prepared though which she has posted on Youtube! HOORAY! For those of you who don't know me IRL, I'm the girl with the ponytail saying "HONEY, I'M PREGNANT!" (Disclaimer: I am not actually pregnant and please remember what I said about us creating the "script" and shooting this movie in about 3 hours with a budget of about 6 dollars)

Moving on, this week I finished my second re-watch of maybe my favorite anime series ever next to Revolutionary Girl Utena. It is a magical series, one that is funny and cute but also very complex, dark, masterfully plotted and designed with loveable characters, a great soundtrack, and layers upon layers of meta. It is filled with awesome for people of all ages and is well worth the investment if you see it in any store that sells anime.

This masterpeice is named . . . . . "Princess Tutu."

Yeah, you read that correctly.

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